Officers from the Nursing Guild, Bayambang Campus, planned and gathered to initiate โ€œfreeโ€ monitoring of blood pressure (BP) for teachers and students during the Pangasinan State University, Bayambang Campus celebration of World Teachersโ€™ Day, held October 27, 2022.
Under the advisory of Mr. Jumar Baratang, the guild officers organized the booth in front the campusโ€™ Main Building and rendered free bp monitoring service for a day as part of promoting the importance of health, with the emphasis of blood pressure having regularly checked up.
As according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, having your blood pressure measured regularly helps you and your physician diagnose early problems, such that early intervention can prevent you from acquiring heart diseases.
In addition, aside from monitoring blood pressure, the student nurses also gave health teachings about how to control bp including hydration (drinking plenty of water especially in heat) and proper diet to avoid high blood pressure or uncontrolled bp. High blood pressure has no warning signs or symptoms; therefore, it is quite difficult to know and determine if one suffers from such.
The Nursing Guild believes that with these kinds of activities, one can maximize the potential of his or her life just by having a good health! Remember, health is wealth!
In photos: Crystal Pontaoe and Christopher Bancolita (NG Media and Journalism)
Caption: Sherna Pinzon