Bachelor in Secondary Education

Major in – Social Studies

AACCUP Level IV Reaccredited


Department Chair


Welcome to SOCSCI Department

Welcome to the Pangasinan State University Bayambang Campus Social Sciences Department! Our Department, Our Home. 

The Social Sciences Department is part of PSU Bayambang Campus which is a strong campus community that values academic excellence and diversity. 

The Social Sciences Department addresses itself to national development, particularly the local community. Through the department, the University in general, and the College in particular endeavors to produce teachers who are service and value-oriented and are concerned with social realities. As Social Science educators, they are more able to work as community builders and agent of change. They will serve as an implementing arm of the national government in carrying our objectives direct towards countryside development.

Our Department strives to provide our students, especially our majors, not only with a healthy classroom environment but meaningful learning experience as well. We encourage them to learn from the real world- the laboratory of the social sciences- through worthwhile activities like holding fieldtrips to places relevant to the social sciences, extending community service, attending and conducting enhancement seminars and training, joining local and national competitions, and participating actively in other affairs of the College and the University

We in the Social Sciences Department adhere to the principle of helping younger people succeed and is proud to have appreciated each of our student’s ability to adapt to an ever-evolving situation, and we help our students to find opportunities for growth amid the many changes.  

We are delighted to welcome you to our home as you choose us to be that place where you continue your educational journey. We look forward to learning, exploring, and growing together

The BSEd is an undergraduate teacher education program designed to equip learners with adequate and relevant competencies to teach in their chosen area of specialization/major in the secondary education


After successful completion of all academic requirements for the degree/program, graduates of BSEd should be able to practice the teaching profession in the Secondary Level.

Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Social Studies


  • Demonstrate through institutional mechanisms, systems, policies, and processes which are reflective of transparency, equity, participatory decision making, and accountability.

  • Engage in relevant, comprehensive, and sustainable development initiatives through multiple perspectives in decisions and actions that build personal and professional credibility and integrity.

  • Set challenging goals and tasks with determination and sense of urgency which provide continuous improvement and producing quality outputs leading to inclusive growth.
  • Exhibit life-long learning and global competency proficiency in communication skills, inter/interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial skills, innovative mindset, research and production initiatives and capability in meeting the industry requirements of local, ASEAN and international human capital market through relevant and comprehensive programs.

  • Display, socially and environmentally responsive organizational culture, which ensures higher productivity among the university constituents and elevate the welfare of the multi-sectoral communities.

  • Practice spiritual values and morally upright behaviour which promote and inspire greater harmony to project a credible public image.

The BSEd degree program aims to develop highly motivated and competent teachers specializing in the content pedagogy for secondary education.

Department Activities


As the University reopens for face-to-face classes, The Social Sciences Department conducted a Parents-Students Consultation/Orientation on Limited face-to-face classes for the 2nd Semester (2021-2022) held virtually via MS Teams last April 4, 2022.

Outreach Program

The Social Sciences Department through the Social Science Organization initiated an outreach program for the students of Buenlag Elementary School, Bayambang, Pangasinan last December 16, 2021. The initiative was the result of the combined contribution of the faculty members, organization officials and Social Studies Majors.

Testimonial 2022

The Social Sciences Department through the Social Science Organization conducted the traditional send-off event for the Graduating Class (Social Studies Majors) for the year 2022 with the theme “Testimonial Party 2k22: Journey Towards Wider Ends”. The event was held at PSU-BC Main Building last July 13, 2022.

United Nation

In Celebration of the United Nations Month for the year 2021, the Social Sciences Department officiated the event with an Opening Program which was held last October 25, 2021 via Facebook live. With the theme “Recovering Better for an Equitable and Sustainable World”, Mr. Noel Ed De Leon, International Installation Artist and an alumna of PSU LIS Elementary, served as the Guest of Honor and Speaker for the event.

One of the highlights of the event was the conduct of the Leadership Training held last October 26, 2021 via ZOOM Platform. Participants were all faculty members and students of the department.  Mr. Jonathan Fermin, Dr. Allan Macaraeg, and Dr. Alfonso Dangat were invited as resource speakers.  

In line with the celebration of United Nations 2021, the department also conducted various contests such as Poster-Making, Essay Writing, Flag-Making, Virtual Quiz Bowl, and the search of Mr. and Ms. United Nations for students as well as for Teaching and Non-Teaching category.


To welcome the 1st Year Social Studies Majors for the School Year 2021-2022, the Social Sciences Department held a Virtual Orientation Program last September 22, 2021 via MS Teams with the theme “Paghilom at Pag-usbong: Mga Susi ng Pagsulong sa Nagbabagong Panahon”.


As students start up their way into college in the NEW NORMAL, the Social Sciences department welcomed the freshmen Social Studies students through a Virtual Orientation/Welcome Program which was held last September 15, 2020 via Google Meet. The event was also streamed live through the Social Sciences Organization official Facebook page.