Other Services

Campus bookstore

A store owned and operated by the university. It houses all the affordable books, materials, uniforms, and all essentials needed by students and faculty members.


The Campus cafeteria displays an array of available snacks, food refreshments, and dishes for students and school personnel. The food is usually placed on a tray, paid for at a cashier’s station, and carried to a dining table by the customer.

Interfaith Room

The purpose of an Interfaith room is to provide a place on campus for individuals to express their personal spiritual needs. These private rooms offer PSU students, faculty, and staff of all religious traditions to pray, meditate, worship, reflect, study and practice their faith.

Social Rooms

Pangasinan State University ensures that students will have a designated place where they could relax, chat and hang out after their classes. It is a space intended for them to socialize and recharge.

Support Center

The Campus Support Centers provide support to students who are struggling socially, emotionally, behaviorally, and/or academically. At each center, a coordinator works closely with school staff to identify students in need of assistance. Once identified, staff/coordinators work directly with students to address issues that are of concern to them, drawing on other resources for additional support.

Medical and Dental Unit

The medical and dental aims to make available the much-needed health service to students and personnel of the university right within the school premises. The campus sees to it that there are continuous provisions of needed health services through careful use and maintenance of the medical and dental instruments/equipment for ready use of the clients. To ensure the health and welfare of every student and employee, free consultation and medicines are given to them.

Library services

The Pangasinan State University library is dedicated to aiding students and faculty members in education and teaching. It is a resource center available for learning, teaching and research, and activities related to the operation and management of the university as a whole.

FIC (Food innovation center)

The Pangasinan State University – Department of Science and Technology Region 1 Food Innovation Center (PSU-DOST1 FIC) is one of the university’s ten Research, Extension, and Innovation Centers and one of the Region 1 Food Innovation Centers. It houses DOST-designed equipment such as a spray dryer, water retort machine, vacuum fryer, and freeze dryer. As a one-stop food research and development facility, it enables local food processors to improve on existing products, generate new ones, or provide new benefits for agricultural and fishery resources.

pwd ramps

PSU Bayambang Campus ensures a PWD-friendly learning environment to all its students, staff and clients. Thus, to ensure the welfare and safety of PWDs, all buildings are installed with PWD ramps.PSU Bayambang Campus ensures a PWD-friendly learning environment to all its students, staff and clients. Thus, to ensure the welfare and safety of PWDs, all buildings are installed with PWD ramps.


Considering the plight of students who come from distant locations, PSU-Bayambang makes the campus dormitory available to them. The dormitory is divided into four units, each with two rooms. Each room has a capacity of eight people.

waste management

 Bayambang Central Terminal AT THE HEART OF PSU-BC

The project started on March 23, 2022 and for the period of 185 calendar days, its target milestones will be on September 23, 2022, with a total project cost of PhP 34,599,766.58.
The state-of-the-art central terminal building facilitates a convenient and hassle-free ticketing services. The ticketing system enables the selling of tickets for bus operators through booths provided at the building. It provides facilities for the benefit of passengers such as ample space for waiting areas and public toilets which definitely elevate the level of comfort and convenience compared to existing old terminals. There is allotted space for pick-up and drop-off services, easing the movements of arrival and departure of passengers. The building terminal also serves as proper shelter to users on hot and rainy days.
For the benefit of stakeholders of PSU, commuters and the Bayambanguenos in general, PSU can construct stalls for commercial purposes as part of its Income Generating Project (IGP) parallel to the terminal. For the beneficial use of the site by LGU Bayambang, it shall share an amount agreed upon by both parties in regards with financial support to PSU students.