Instructional Facilities

Sports Center and External Facilities

Pangasinan State University has established several sports facilities intended for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and chess among others.

It also has external facilities like a gym, swimming pool, and events centers located strategically in its partners like the Bayambang Fitness Center and Bayambang Events Center. Students, members of the faculty, visitors, and exchange students can enjoy various physical activities through our sports centers.

External facilities MOA and MOU

Library services

The Pangasinan State University library is dedicated to aiding students and faculty members in education and teaching. It is a resource center available for learning, teaching and research, and activities related to the operation and management of the university as a whole.

Computer Laboratories

The Campus Computer Rooms are dedicated to computer access and provide a space for students to complete any digital work and learning or generally access software, the internet, or other digital resources. Currently, PSU has two computer rooms, one room houses the iMac computers while the other has desktop computers. 

nursing laboratory

The Nursing Arts Laboratory is equipped with newly purchased mannequins that have different features of clinical procedures that will highly contribute to enhance and cultivate the clinical skills of the student. All the learning tools are functional and adequately equipped as it is an important tool to establish a strong foundation of the basic nursing procedures to the nursing students, and for them to be able to grasp the corresponding procedures in varied situation in the clinical setting.

Laboratory Integrated School

The Pangasinan State University Bayambang Campus houses the Laboratory Integrated School that serves as the laboratory school of the College of Teacher Education. 

The laboratory elementary school was founded in 1922, and the laboratory high school in 1972. The merging of the two led to the formation of the LIS, which now offers the K to 12 curriculum and incorporates a science-oriented curriculum in junior high school.