“Kanino po ninyo inialay ang top 8th spot ng licensure exam? “

Una sa Ama,  sa aking pamilya, sa mga  naging guro ko, sa mga  naging paaralan ko lalo na ang PSU, at higit sa lahat, sa mga  naging at magiging mga estudyante ko.

The eighth place is for the future.

To travel time is impossible for mortals like us, who do not possess the power of the time stone. To explore the quantum realm and have space and time at our call is a feat only within reach for those who have Tony Stark’s tempad. Einstein even proposed that time is but an illusion that moves relative to an observer. One of the reasons why people want to travel is to see the future. They want to see what it brings. They want to make it good. These reasons are refuted by the fact that the future is not set. It is impossible to go to a place in time that does not exist yet. Doing so, would cause a split in the space-time continuum as said by Dr. Brown. Laying aside all the popular references, its entire existence relies on the choices we make in the present; our choices lead to different multiverses. The future is what you make it to be.

What makes the future so special? Is it the time? The space? The people? Or the knowledge and experiences that one wishes to have when it happens? For Alyssa Duran, her future is set to change the future of the children who would learn from her. Following that logic, her past and present is a contributor to the future that she always wants.

When asked if what type of teacher she’d like to be, Pangasinan State University’s Alyssa Duran, answered with an impactful statement: I want to be a great teacher in a sense that I will be able to inculcate to the learners how beautiful it is to have dreams and goals, to plan how to achieve them, to always do their best in every opportunity that will knock, and how to love learning in the different aspects of life. She recently placed 8th at the 2021 Licensure Examination for Teachers Elementary Level – truly an inspiration for future educators. Her philosophy is that one should have stories and experiences of the things that he/she wishes to impart to his/her students. She said that a teacher cannot teach effectively if one does not experience foremost the things that one wishes to teach. Teacher Alyssa believes that the life of the teacher should be a living embodiment – a testimony even to its students. For Alyssa, her stool for success was her review. Continuing the talk on present and future, let’s take a look at her past.

Looking at the future through lens made wider by glares: Teacher Alyssa’s Review

During her review, Teacher Alyssa learned that not everything which gives us happiness is beneficial; so we should be wise. She set aside the use of social media and the things that entertain her to focus more on her studies. She also said that one should have the heart that accepts constructive criticisms. During her review, she had the realization that one should not just absorb all the information given by the lecturers or the review center, but one should weigh and make sure that the information is accurate. Also, one should be determined to study. With her smarts, she persevered in studying double-time. Her success is also made possible by her motto from high school up to now: “Reach the stars but do not forget to touch the ground”. She makes sure to always reflect on why and how she achieves her goals. With this, she shared tips that would help future educators as well. Some of which are: enrolling in review centers such as Mindset and Falculan Twins’ review centers are helpful. She also added that one should practice outlining and purely dedicating to review. Always remember your motivation. Exercise both your physical and mental body. Listen to music. Remind yourself that you have to pass. Drills are important, so make sure to practice at least 100-300 questions a day. Most importantly, pray.

Creating the perfect future: Superstitions made possible by 14,000,605 choices

Most Filipinos are raised by superstitions. Ranging from knocking on wood to preventing curses, to never using a broom at night for luck. There are superstitions for almost every event in a person’s life. Now there are superstitions for taking exams and tests that no one knows who initiated and even their effectiveness rate; but for some exam takers – desperate to pass – these superstitions equate as their key to success.

According to Teacher Alyssa, there are also superstitions surrounding licensure exams. Doing them does not necessarily equate to success, and not doing them does not necessarily equate to failure. Sharing her experience, Duran shared the things that she did. She wore the alleged lucky color as her undergarment and even kicked the chair after the examination. “I was desperada pumasa,” she jested. However, there are things that she failed to do such as absentmindedly using her left foot as her first step inside and using the right for going out, opposing the superstition. During the exam, she was bothered because some say that one’s pencil should not fall to the ground while taking the exam, as it is a bad premonition; but hers landed five times.

Humans tend to follow superstitions religiously because of their need for success. Hoping that doing these practices – that worked for some, might bring the same result for them.

This might be the reason why Teacher Alyssa was worried. However, as Dr. Banner snapped half of the universe back, their doubts were met with hope. Teacher Alyssa battled with her worries. Amidst the superstitions, she held on to what she studied. She held onto her dreams and goals. She held on to her faith. She believed in God’s promises, as it was and is bigger than any success or failures superstitions might bring.

Navigating through thick clouds: A feat made possible by hope, faith, and 10,000 hours of practice

No journey is complete without turbulence. The sudden change of pressure in the environment is unavoidable, but one could prepare for it. When the pandemic hit, not only did the world change, but her perspective of the future as well. The examination was postponed three times, and that made a huge impact in her drive to be consistent in her review. She was demotivated for a while and that led her to focus on work and online selling. She revealed that the online review and final coaching was a challenge given that her attention span is short. The situation was more tedious compared to face-to-face sessions. But, with faith, determination, and hard work, she overcame the hindrances brought by the world.  With her drive and perseverance in hand, she learned how to overcome the effects of the pandemic leaving us with the wisdom: “Ilang beses mang maudlot, ang tagumpay ay hindi ipagdadamot sa mga taong hindi sumusuko at sa mga hamon ay hindi nagpapatalo.”

The avengers’ success was secured with a snap from a nano-tech suit. The snap was made possible by Tony Stark’s decision to give Peter Parker another chance. Teacher Alyssa’s success was secured by her pen’s movement; her success was made possible by her decision to give her students a good future.

She thought of her students – both those who learned from her and those who will learn from her. “The pupils should witness that the words coming out from teachers are alive and true.” Teacher Alyssa said that she wants to inspire children to pursue their dream. Sharing her experiences as testimonies – stories that will inspire  them to pursue their dreams and goals, no matter what situation they are in. She wants to teach that hard work and being teachable can be keys in making an incredible milestone.

1 out of 14,000,605 choices: A future of infinite chances, made possible by a not-so-infinite endgame

To travel time is impossible for mortals like us. If you want to see a good future, invest in your present. The future is what you make it to be. Choose properly the multiverse you want to live in. The future is now. The best way to make an impact on the future is to make an impact on the generation that will one day inherit it. For teacher Alyssa, it is safe to say that her 8th spot in the 2021 LET – a feat within reach of those who study like her – is for the future. For that, Pangasinan State University and the PSUnians would like to congratulate Teacher Alyssa for giving us an example. Uttermost gratitude for your first lesson: Time travel.

Wall of Exelence