Accredited Student Organizations

Supreme Student Council

The Supreme Student Council is recognized as the highest student body organization among all the accredited organizations, clubs, and associations within the college.

President: Allen S. Datuin


PSU-BC DOST Scholars’ Association

PSU-BC SA is an institution that supports the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and other member institutions’ objectives mandated to unite, promote, and improve science and mathematics education and technology in the country.

President: Francis Ryan G. Ramos



The objective of Math Club is to enhance students’ mathematical skills and knowledge. This will be achieved using games, activities, and simulated competitions. Students will collaborate to complete Logic and Mathematics Puzzles. 

President: Janella G. Munda



Realizing the need for an organization that will promote science consciousness among students and the general public in general, the College Science Club of PSU-Bayambang Campus do hereby unite in one solemn, promulgate, and uphold this Constitution and by-laws.

President: Mark Angelo B. Nadayao


philippine consortium for science, mathematics and technology

The Philippine Consortium for Science, Mathematics, and Technology-PCSMT is an organization under the Science and Mathematics Department upholding the principles and interests of the students while developing and strengthening inter-institutional assistance through fellowships, study grants, exchange of students, sharing of laboratory and library facilities, and other forms of linkages.

President: Marvin A. Malicdem


Business Administration Club

The Business Administration Club is an organization that promotes awareness of business administration among students and the general public in general.

President: Alyza Mae A. Salonga



The Nursing Guild supplements students’ knowledge, abilities, and positive attitudes towards healthcare by instigating health promotion and disease prevention while consequently promoting students’ insight into caring for individuals, families, and communities, aiming for the students’ nourishing proficiency.

President: Crystal Joy Pontaoe



Early Childhood Education is a term that refers to educational programs and strategies geared toward children from birth to the age of eight. Early childhood professionals also provide family support, build relationship with children and families, enhance child development, and provide intervention.

President: Kim Deborah C. Lacambra


social science organization

The members of the Social Science Organization of PSU Bayambang Campus are aware of their own personal values and their social responsibilities as citizens. They want to create a place where students and scholars can talk about how to make the world a better place for everyone, live in peace with each other and the community they live in, improve their own academic skills, and help people become more aware of social issues.

President: Glenn Marc B. Argueza


BTLED Organization

The Technology and Livelihood Organization, under the supervision of the Technology and Livelihood Education Department, is one of the accredited clubs/organizations of Pangasinan State University, Bayambang Campus. The Technology and Livelihood Education Organization lifts up and gears students toward vocational interests and diversified occupation skills to be globally competent.




ABEL Circle is composed of students who are not just capable but also reliable and responsible individuals from Pangasinan State University-Bambang Campus. Reinforced from one department-honed by high-caliber professors, they are the students who have different dreams and passions but are united by one mission.

The ABEL Circle is primed to provide updated information and the voice of the students—raising concerns, promoting and recognizing outstanding ABELians that are actively engaged in different social and school activities.

President: Noel Tamayo


Public Administrations’ Club

The purpose of the Public Administration Club is to introduce students to career opportunities in government and nonprofit administration.

President: Red-Dominic D. Agliam



The BPEDnians Club will conduct activities/programs and to support other clubs’ program/activities that shall develop the skills of the students in the field of BPED (Physical Education).  Likewise, to promote strong bond of friendship, camaraderie and loyalty to the campus and university. 

President: Jeric Inigo


Information technology students organization

An organization’s information technology club is responsible for establishing, monitoring, as well as maintaining information technology systems and services.

President: Allysa Grageda



The Visualistaz will foster visual arts talents, a love of art, a strong bond of friendship and camaraderie, and a sense of campus and university loyalty within and among its members.

President: John Michael S. Medrano


English communication circle

The primary objectives of English clubs are communication and language practice. The activities of English clubs may include reading, writing, listening, speaking, and critical thinking; however, the primary focus of community-based English clubs is the practice of oral language skills: speaking and listening in English.

President: John Michael S. Medrano


kapisanang sulo ng diwa

Ang samahang ito ay kikilalaning Kapisanang Sulo ng Diwas (KSD) ng Departamento ng mga wika ng Pangasinan State University (PSU), Kampus ng Bayambang, Bayambang, Pangasinan.

Ang Kapisanang Sulo ng Diwa (KSD) ay kikilalanin bilang isang opisyal na samahang pang-akademiko na kabibilangan ng mga mag-aaral na nagpapakadalubhasa at kumukuha ng kursong Pilipino sa Pangasinan State University, Kampus ng Bayambang.

Pangulo: Aljohn S. Parinas


young educators club

The Young Educator’s Club adheres to the following principles: quality education through wholesome relationships; high ethical and moral standards; genuine enthusiasm and passion for the teaching profession.

President: Christopher Resquid


christian brotherhood international

The CBI is a non-stock, non-profit association under the auspices of Iglesia ni Crist’s Buklod-Kadiwa-Binhi organizations for the purpose of promoting harmonious relations among students who are members of Iglesia ni Cristo (hereinafter referred to as INC or as the Church) students and guiding them towards the attainment of intellectual excellence and knowledge of Biblical doctrines that will govern them in their daily undertakings.

President: Samantha Claire Butuyan


every nation campus

The members of the Every Nation Campus-Pangasinan State University-Bayambang Campus, adhering to biblical principles, envision to transform the country’s youth culture, raise up generations of godly leaders, uphold the standard of morality, and promote excellence and dedication to society, do hereby ordain and promulgate this Constitution.

President: Samantha Claire Butuyan



















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