As the Christmas season rolled in, over 200 Tanolong Project READ recipients felt the breeze of love, kindness, and generosity  as the PSU BC Languages Department conducted a gift-giving and Christmas party last December 2 to 3 at Tanolong Elementary and High School.

          The activity was packed with games where the participants actively joined. As an early Christmas treat, the LD faculty  and Project READ volunteers gave them food, prizes, and school supplies.

Championing strong community ties, compassion, and the value of community service, the university extended its support by providing the project resources and funding of approximately Php 25,000.00. Moreover, the volunteers and staff were also able to raise in-kind donations that were distributed to the recipients.

          Everyone’s effort, big or small, contributed to the overall successful outcome and heartwarming result.

          “It was a joy to see their happy faces as we distributed our surprise gifts. It is indeed more joyful to give than to receive. In our case, it is both. We give and we receive love and joy in return,” Isaiah Ferrer, one of the volunteers said.           Activities such as this are a great way to bring people together, serve and share blessings, and give hope. The volunteers said that they know, in their own ways, they are providing hope and new opportunities for their less-fortunate brethren.