To further boost Pangasinan State Universityโ€™s Quality Management System, five (5) campuses, including the Bayambang Campus, will be subject to the 2nd Surveillance Audit via Zoom, March 3- 4.
SOCOTEC Certification Philippines, Incorporated Auditing Team led the first day of the audit through a virtual opening ceremony, which was attended by the university and campus officials of the concerned campuses.
During the said program, Ms. Laureen Grace Calmerin, SOCOTEC Lead Auditor presented and established procedures for the two-day audit including the 3Ps (People, Practice, Paper) for QMS and the four types of findings.
The five (5) PSU Campuses to undergo the audit and their respective areas are as follows: Main Campus/Lingayen Campus (Program-Undergraduate and Graduate, Curriculum Development), Bayambang Campus (Program-Undergraduate and Graduate, Laboratory), San Carlos Campus (Library), Asingan Campus (Program Undergraduate and Graduate), and Urdaneta City (Program-Undergraduate and Graduate, Engineering Facilities including Maintenance).
The scope of the certification is Provision of Tertiary Services in Instruction, Research, Extension, Production, University Level Management Processes, Performance Evaluation and Improvement Processes, and Campus Support Services.
According to University President Dr.Dexter R. Buted, the said audit coincides with the Universityโ€™s goal to continually strive to reach its highest potential, promote global competitiveness and achieve its vision to become an ASEAN Premier State University.
The second and final day of the said audit will take place tomorrow, March 4.