Ms. Maekaela Ruth Dela Cruz, a fourth-year BECED student steps up and launches Project ARAL Foundation to give hope to children in need and help nurture their future by providing relevant and meaningful learning experiences.
Using child-sensitive content BECED students headed by Ms. Dela Cruz including volunteers from the LGU integrate lessons on literacy, numeracy, health, and nutrition. Project ARAL also provide assistance to parents to ensure that they can effectively support their childrenโ€™s learning and well-being at home.
According to Ms. Maekaela Ruth Dela Cruz, Project Head, โ€œwe should lead from the heart, not the head, and always find opportunities to make children smile.โ€
And one of the activities of Project ARAL is the โ€˜Juan Donationโ€™ where everyone is encouraged to give toys, books, and other materials which will be distributed to the children this December.