With the goal of giving back to their Alma Mater, the members of Section A (Science Curriculum) of Batch 1997 of the former PSU Laboratory High School pioneer the โ€œAdopt a Classroom Programโ€ of the Laboratory Integrated School-High School (LIS-HS), October 17.
After the turnover of the twenty-eight (28) wall fans and a dispenser donated by the class held on October 14, 2022, the section representatives namely Dr. Erik Renzon E. Macaranas, Ms. Charlene Mae S. Alilano, Ms. Roda V. Gundran, and Dr. Cheryl C. Mendoza decided to visit LIS buildings and classrooms with the company of the LIS Principal, Assoc. Prof. Tuesday C. de Leon and the LIS-HS Chairperson, Dr. Teresita P. Suลˆga. Informed of the need for more classrooms to accommodate all the LIS students during the implementation of the full face-to- face mode of learning by November of this year, the class offered to fund and take charge of the renovation of a classroom. The class chose the former library of the LIS-HS.
On October 17, Dr. Macaranas, Dr. Mendoza, Dr. Suลˆga, and Assoc. Prof. de Leon along with the foreman who will take charge of the project conducted an initial site visit to assess the area. In acknowledgment of the urgency of the projectโ€™s completion, the good Samaritans promised to finish the renovation by November. Once done, the room will be used by the current Grade 7 class.
As the pioneers of the โ€œAdopt a Classroom Projectโ€, the Section A of Batch 1997 hopes that other LIS alumni batches be encouraged to take part in the project and also adopt their respective classrooms.
The LIS is grateful to all its alumni who never cease to show love and support to their Alma Mater. The LIS vows to continuously improve it operations and utilize the resources given by its generous alumni to ensure that its current students are equipped with knowledge, skills, values, and experiences they need to be prepared for life.