As a way to show its commitment to maintaining an environment-friendly campus, the College of Arts, Sciences, and Technology (CAST) brought together its faculty and students for an orientation on the Official Policy Guidelines of Campus Pollution Control, Solid Waste Management, and Energy-Saving Measures earlier today, May 29, via Microsoft Teams.

In his opening message, Dr. Ian D. Evangelista, Campus Executive Director, welcomed all participating students and faculty members and urged them to give their respective shares in taking care of the campus.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gudelia M. Samson, the college dean, elaborated on the statement of purpose of the said orientation and acquainted the students with the present conditions of the college.

In his talk, Mr. Christian Paul Soriano, Campus Coordinator on Solid Waste Management, explained some of the Philippine Environmental laws which all students and staff of the campus must observe. Furthermore, Soriano also discussed the content of the said guidelines which include the policies on classroom use, solid waste classifications, food concessionaires, hazardous wastes, and water quality.

A short forum was then held which allowed the attendees to raise various concerns regarding the implementation of the said initiatives. The said forum was moderated by the department chairs of Information Technology, Business Administration, and Public Administration in the persons of Prof. Janice Francisco, Dr. Roseanne Jane Agustin-Cera, and Mr. Jeffrey De Asis respectively.

Subsequently, in his closing remarks, Mr. Romeo DG. Reloza, the AB English Language Department Chair shared something on the essence of discipline, spirit of unity, and compassion as students of Pangasinan State University.

Ms. Jenzen Brisa Alcantara, CAST secretary, ended the orientation by giving appreciation to all the faculty members, students, and most especially to Mr. Christian Paul Soriano for their participation resulting in a successful and productive orientation.