“After all, I learned that in order to be successful, we must first understand how to balance our time and have the perseverance to complete tasks, because what you do today or in your life plan, will be reflected in the future. Always include God in all of your decisions and actions.”

An inspiring story of success made possible by unrelenting perseverance and passion. Ronald Datuin, the breadwinner of the Datuin family, a consistent dean’s lister, a candidate for Cum Laude, and a graduating Physical Education student from PSU-Bayambang, continues to be a good role model for every PSUnian. From his perseverance, he founded his success. With his determination, he establishes his future.  Using his scholarships as his funding, he took a chance to venture out of his late father’s chicken business in Pangasinan North Lingayen. He balances his education with his work life, enabling him to support not only himself but his siblings’ education as well.

As he is a member of Matalunggaring Dance Troupe, an accredited and oldest PSU troupe that competes at regional and national levels, he continues to dance with grace amidst life’s challenges. He balances himself with the time-management skills that he had perfected throughout his course; and, steadies himself with others’ opinions before making decisions He keeps in time with life’s beat through his connection with God. He is looking forward to becoming a successful person in life that inspires others to achieve their potential. Inspiration for people to persevere.