Pangasinan State University- Bayambang Campus administered a campus-wide Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP) Presentation for 2022 at the Learning Resource Center, on June 9.

The said event, which was spearheaded by Dr. Liza L. Quimson, Campus Executive Director, paved the way for the department chairs in all programs under the three colleges namely College of Teacher Education (CTE), College of Arts, Sciences, and Technology (CAST), and Institute of Nursing, together with the unit heads and coordinators of the campus, to present their respective 2023 PPMP.

The PPMP serves as a blueprint in the procurement and the process of contract implementation, as well as a guide in the monitoring of the procurement process.

 โ€œPSU-BC ensures that we are able to purchase whatever is needed to further improve our operations. Thus, this undertaking would not only help us achieve a well-planned procurement plan and process but would also be vital in fulfilling our mission as a provider of quality education and public services to every PSUnian,โ€ Quimson stated.