Aiming to strengthen their leadership skills, Pangasinan State University-Federated Student Government President Mr. Christian M. Madarang and Mr. Fariz M. Dela Cruz, Secretary of the Vice President for Communications connect to the INTI Leadership Series held via MS Teams Meetings, May 20, 2022.

INTI Leadership Series bannered with the slogan โ€œWe have a dreamโ€ was a webinar and a roundtable discussion along with the resource speaker that caters the top students in both Malaysia and the Philippines.

Resource Speaker Mr. Chu Jenn Weng, current Managing Director, President, and CEO of the ViTrox Corporation Bearhad, stressed the importance of having compassion towards the employees in aiming not just the profit, but also for the hearts of the customers.

โ€œAlways be accountable. Be a kind person. Pay respect to the people. The main goal of a company is not just to earn a profit, but also how to add value. More values, there will be more customers,โ€ added Mr. Weng.

Furthermore, Mr. Chu discussed how he and Mr. Steven started the company by facing a lot of failures first before procuring the fruits of success in the present.

He stated, โ€œFailure is not something to worry about. Every failure will make you better. Every criticism is a blessing.โ€

Mr. Dela Cruz shared that the webinar was a motivation to become a more impactful leader to his fellow students, especially during these times when they need help in various aspects.

Meanwhile, Mr. Madarang also asserted that he became more inspired as a role model and leader towards the studentry and exert more effort on how to be able to cope with the problems that students are encountering.

โ€œA leader must be someone to influence to make others more successful than themselves. Try to find the purpose of life. Always listen to your heart and not to the people,โ€ ended Mr. Chu in his discussion.