The AB English Language Department, in compliance with the four-fold function of SUC’s, started the initial planning stage of the Extension Services to be rendered to the partner agency of Pangasinan State University, Bayambang Campus – the Tanolong National High School.

To properly ascertain the needs of the partner agency, the Department first conducted a needs-assessment of the Junior High School teachers of Tanolong National High School, in terms of utilization of media technology in teaching. The results of the assessment reveal that though most of the teachers understand the value and importance of utilizing technology in teaching, they lack the equipment and proper training.

With the findings in hand, the Department underwent several brainstorming and planning sessions to craft an Extension Service that can address the needs of the teachers. After these sessions, the Department concurred that the Extension service shall focus on Utilizing Media Technology in the Teaching of Writing. To properly address the issue, the Department also decided to have the training-workshop divided into two phases. The first phase covers the introduction and basic “how-to’s” of several Learning Management Systems; while the second phase will cover how these Learning Management Platforms Systems (LMPS) can be integrated into the teaching of writing to both Junior and Senior High students.

The preparation phase immediately followed thereafter. It consisted of the procurement of the necessary materials and supplies for the planned Seminar-Workshop, preparation, and practice on the use of the identified LMS to be discussed, and coordination with the target participants (Tanolong National High School teachers, coursed through the Principal, Mr. Joven C. De Vera) and campus officials (Campus Executive Director, Campus Extension Coordinator, and College Extension Coordinator).

Originally, the Extension Service was aimed to be conducted in Tanolong NHS, however, due to the lack of a stable internet connection in the school which is essential in the seminar- workshop, the Department opted to have it conducted in PSU. As such, the Extension Service entitled “Integration of Media Technology to the Teaching of Writing (Phase 1)” was conducted

last October 6, 2018 at the Non-ICT Laboratory of Pangasinan State University, Bayambang Campus.

The Seminar-Workshop aimed to cater to all the nineteen (19) JHS teachers of TNHS. However, due to some scheduling constraints (as some teachers are pursuing their Master’s Degrees during Saturdays), only fifteen (15) attended the Seminar-Workshop.

The Seminar-Workshop was conducted for the whole day. It started promptly at 9:00 A.M with a modest opening program.

For the entirety of the Seminar-Workshop, the ABEL faculty members served as Resource Speakers (Dr. Laarni Balansay who introduced the concept of LMS and the how it can aid teachers, Mr. Romeo Reloza presented Edmodo™ and showed its basic features and functionalities, Ms. Virginia Geslani and Mr. Adrian Clark Perez introduced Google Classroom™ and how it can supplement teaching methods, and Ms. Mae Anne C. Paglingayen and Ms. Jermaine A. Villanueva presented Writing Prompts™ and how it can provide a venue and inspiration for general writing activities). With the help of other faculty members, the teachers of Tanolong NHS were carefully guided through the step-by-step process on how to use the various LMPS (from creating an account, to an overview of its functions, and on how it can augment or facilitate conventional teaching methods).

After all lectures were finished, the participants were given ample time to explore and create their own outputs using the introduced LMS. Participants are then requested to present to the group their outputs (from classes corresponding to the actual classes they are handling, to the drafting of activities and assignments for each corresponding class).

With the presentation of outputs done, it was promptly followed by a short-closing program and awarding of certificates to the participants, resource speakers, organizers and facilitators.