line with the Tulong Dunong Tutorial Program of the PSU Bayambang, the Community Extension Service Department, in partnership with the Languages Department, continues Project READ (Reaching out to Enhance the skills and Abilities of Students with Reading Difficulties) for its Tanolong recipients.

This activity, now in its third year, still aims to provide reading intervention for slow readers and non-readers.
Furthermore, this extension program strengthens the relationship of the students and the teachers of PSU-BC CTE, Languages Department (LD) to the community by offering reading remedial sessions to help struggling readers. The volunteers are mostly students of PSU whose majorship is English.

The LD designed a three-year reading intervention meant to be conducted in 60 sessions to help the non-readers and the slow readers of Tanolong Elementary School become independent readers.

This reading intervention project was made possible through the universityโ€™s support and the staff and students’ collective effort.

A funding of Php 46,000.00 was allocated for the project implementation, production of reading materials, and project monitoring.

The intervention program focused on content and skill-building on topics such as basic sight words, phonics, skimming and scanning, context clues, proper pronunciation, and reading comprehension.
It is indeed true that reading offers the chance to open the readerโ€™s eyes to a brand new world, especially that of a childโ€™s.