On the 14th of October 2022, the Nursing Guild and their adviser, Mr. Jumar Baratang, launched their first tangible project, “Water for all Student Nurses of PSU-BC.”
Two (2) water dispensers were installed as part of the project, which gives the student nurses free access to potable drinking water to help them perform better throughout the academic year. The first one is situated within the institute itself, in front of the lecture room, while the second one is placed in the faculty of the Institute of Nursing. With this, the said project was carried out with the support of the BSN Batch 2010 and the students. As such, the Guild asks everyone to handle it with care so that the next batch of student nurses can still utilize it in the years to come.
In honor of World Water Day, we believe that water serves a variety of vital functions in our bodies. As Albert Gyorgyi said, “Water is lifeโ€™s matter and matrix. There is no life without water. “
Future nurses, this is just the beginning, many more to come. For we believe: Together, we can do more!