Ms. Vemma Mae R. Guinto and Ms. Kimberly Inaldo attend the Annual Meeting of Asia Center for Educational Research within International Research Session, an activity under the Japan’s Twin College Envoys Program (TWINCLE). TWINCLE is a unique program conducted by the Faculty of Education, Chiba University launched in 2012. Usually, the participants of the programย ย  were invited to stay in Japan during the duration of the activities. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the TWINCLE Program 2021 is conducted online.

The purpose of the activity is for the exchange of ideas and experiences about Education under Covid-19 Pandemic. Dr. Jun Nomura of Chiba University and the Coordinator of the TWINCLE Program, facilitated all the events that included lectures, Open Forums, Virtual Tours, and Research presentations.

Participated in by 97 presenters from 18 universities all over Asia, Guinto and Inaldo presented their research papers. They also had a chance to share the best practices of our Institution in upholding the quality of Education amidst Pandemic and to collaborate with different participants from the ASEAN Region, Japan and Mexico.