Dr. Christian Thom Tabisola, Planning Coordinator of Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus (PSU LC) and a faculty member of College of Business and Public Administration notched the Best Abstract Award for his study entitled, “The Socio-Economic Impact of OTOP (One Town One Product) Entrepreneurial Program in Region 1 Philippines” during the First International Multi-disciplinary Reseacrh Conference at De La Salle Araneta University, Malabon City, on January 25-26.

Emancipating his urge to upheave Filipinos from poverty, Dr. Tabisola drew on a study that centers on economic revolt by every town of provinces in Region 1 through the established One Town One Product (OTOP) promotional program of the government of the Philippines.

In cooperation with the Department of Trade and Industry and after having gathered all the data needed, Dr. Tabisola arrived at possible interventions to finally advance the OTOP program of the government.

“In order to make the OTOP program more responsive to the needs of the entrepreneurs in the Region, it is recommended that equal attention must be given in improving the production efficiencies of rural enterprises, investment in research and development, provide room for improvement in the processed food sector, accessible financing to rural micro and small enterprises and provision of structural reforms to make sure that the business enabling environment is conducive to the creation and growth of rural enterprises,” Tabisola concluded in his abstract.

Meanwhile, another three Pangasinan State University Faculty members had successfully presented their research papers on this two-day conference.

Among them are the following with their research titles:

1. Dr. Renato E. Salcedo, Principal, SHS Lingayen/ University K to 12 Focal Person

Research title: “Work Immersion Performance and Experiences of Senior High School Students of Pangasinan State University”

2. Mr. Marlon Perado, SHS Principal, PSU Sta Maria

Research title: “Psychological Factors Affecting the Confidence of Education Students from Speaking English”

3. Ms. Russel Lomboy, SHS Teacher, PSU Lingayen

Research title: “A Tale of Two Pangasinenses- Bolinao and Pangasinan”