IN FURTHERANCE OF ITS MANTRA- ‘where quality begins’, the Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus (PSU-LC) escalated its quest to be the place where quality lingers evident to its journey along series of accreditations this year.

This December 11 (Friday) during the exit conference of the Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP) Accreditation, Dr. Lorna G. Urbiztondo, Campus Executive Director, said that the institution’s commitment to the quality journey will continue to ‘strengthen further the effort to provide quality services to the clienteles.’

“Lingayen Campus will always like to provide quality instruction and education because we believe that thru accreditation, we can improve further our services,” Dr. Urbiztondo added.

This was after three programs namely: Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA), Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), and Bachelor of Science in Biology (BS Bio), underwent week long survey-visit from December 7-11, to level up curricular status: BPA and BSBA for 3rd Survey, and BS Bio for Preliminary Survey.


No one can blink! All campus officials together with the local counterparts of the Lingayen Campus virtually witnessed thru Zoom platform all the general impressions of the accreditors to all of the documents and digital materials prepared by the accredited programs.

“Accrediting in the new normal system really takes effort and still new for both of us, accreditors and the institution, but through cooperation and support, the task has been successful and worthy,” Dr. Darwin V. Ong, Lead Accreditor for BPA Program, said.

The virtual accreditation which was second to the campus after BS Information Technology, BS Computer Science and BS Hospitality Management were subjected for accreditation this October, is a testament that even in challenging times, the institution is unstoppable with its pursuit to quality and excellence.

Dr. Ong further emphasized that passing the accreditation process means that the status of program standards will be leveled up ‘providing quality and excellent service to the clienteles.’

On the other hand, Dr. Grace D. Quijano, Accreditor for Library Services, reminded everyone that in the quest towards quality it is important to note that it should be a ‘shared responsibility and shared commitment’.

This was after seeing all the efforts and preparations of the three programs to the paperless evaluation from the digitization of documents to virtual interviews which were highly commended by the accreditors.

Along with Dr. Ong and Dr.Quijano were Dr. Jonathan A. Belandres, Lead Accreditor of BSBA Program; Prof. Mellany A. Tolentino, Member for BSBA Program Accreditation; and Dr. Cielo Fernandez, Lead Accreditor of BS Bio Program.


Lastly, Dr. Urbiztondo happily exclaimed that the sole purpose why the campus is subjecting itself to accreditation is not to just to pass but most importantly, to see the strengths and weaknesses of the processes and systems of the institution.

“Ang accreditation ay hindi lang para makapasa , kundi ang unang dahilan ay ang makita ang kagandahan at kahinaan. Ito ay ginagawa para mas lalong mapabuti ang ating serbisyo,” the Executive Director said.

She regarded that even the weaknesses can be considered as good way to improve and correct systems to relentlessly create positive impact in the educational arena.

In addition, Dr. Dexter R. Buted, University President, said in the simultaneous opening program held on December 7 (Monday), that the university is more focused on findings and recommendations rather than the recognition.

“This is the reason why we have pushed hard for online accreditation. . .We see the beauty of this undertaking which I hope you will find such appreciation and acuity reflected in the documents that we have prepared for your perusal,” Dr. Buted said.

Even that the year end is fast approaching, the campus is still unstoppable as it sets all the programs to be accredited for the year 2021- this is why Lingayen Campus is where quality LINGers.   /mmpd