Public Relations, Publication, and Information Office (PRPIO) inaugurated the first-ever Pangasinan State University Brand Standards Manual on August 24, via Zoom.

To establish the PSU identity as a top-tier higher learning institution, PRPIO, led by Dr. Randy Joy M. Ventayen, created the Brand Standards Manual containing guidelines and recommendations on the University’s standards to all forms of communication, chiefly, those that serve as visual depiction of the Institution’s values and ideals.

The manual features PSU’s Visual Identity and Graphic Standards concerning proper usage of the registered seal, logotype configurations, institutional colors, typography, the lion symbol, variations, and multimedia application.

More than a ‘rule book’

Fitted to ensuring appropriate and proper execution of University visual elements, the Brand Standards Manual concretizes the larger concept of unity.  

As a multi-campus university, PSU adheres to ‘oneness’ in all its initiatives; to strengthen this, the manual fosters a unified presentation of the time-honored institutional symbols in all transactions.

“This manual signifies our one identity as an ASEAN Premier State University with nine (9) strong campuses. No matter what campus we belong to, we must present PSU as one Institution,” Dr. Ventayen said.

Towards Standardization and Quality Control

Standardization of the University’s identity is anchored in enabling consistency and policy and protection of its reputation. It facilitates a better connection between offices and units, thus communicating the Institution’s integrity and personality more clearly to its stakeholders.

The PSUnian brand of quality and excellence must be uncompromised. Adherence to standardization as a quality control measure efficiently builds a thread to follow in all efforts to promote the school’s identity.

“Our main goal is to cultivate consistency and cohesiveness among PSUnians, stakeholders, and external partners. Thus, making sure that our branding is proudly and correctly represented, ” Dr. Ventayen added.

Groundwork for improvement

As PSU’s first-ever visual identity/graphic standards guide book, the newly-launched Brand Standards Manual, at its ‘unfolding’ stage and serving a large community, is set to a trail of refinement.

“This manual is the first of its version and is still subjected to further modifications. One thing is for sure, this will now become part of our mechanism towards continuously achieving quality and unity in PSU, ” Dr. Ventayen ended.

The virtual launching coincided with PRPIO’s monthly meeting with coordinators of the nine campuses. Among the matters underscored were: Reinforcement of PRPIO Key Responsibilities, Anacbanua Updates, Accomplishment Reports, and QMS Manual. /ksg