Public Relations, Publication, and Information Office (PRPIO) coordinators convened for the 2nd Virtual General Meeting and Seminar-Workshop on May 6, 2021 via Zoom.

Led by PRPIO Director, Dr.Randy Joy M. Ventayen, the virtual conference earmarked a seminar-workshop on journalistic writing and photojournalism, presentation of coordinators’ accomplishment reports, and consultative discussion of the unit’s down the line events and other agenda.

 “At large, PSU is engaged in a myriad of accreditation and actions for development to ensure performance excellence; it is our key responsibility to assist work units of the campus in designing communication campaigns that help manage the institution’s reputation and marketing activities,” said Dr. Ventayen.

More than ever, the acquisition of information through multi-media platforms skyrocketed.

“In this time of pandemic where most of the Institution’s operations and activities are facilitated digitally, we need to gear up ourselves with skills to master the ‘new rules of the game,’ ” Dr. Ventayen added.

As the University’s central gatekeeper of information, PRPIO constantly upgrades its mechanisms to deliver the most vital information to all its constituents, stakeholders, the media community, and the general public. /ksg