With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are living through a world crisis the likes of which hasn’t been seen in 100 years.

The enormous scale of the crisis and the impact it is having are naturally causing a lot of fear, uncertainty and anxiety across the globe. In this time of precariousness, we need a fount of hope to assuage our trepidation.

With the initiative of Dr. Dexter R. Buted, University President, “We Learn as One” shirts serve to be a beacon of certitude. The tag line “We Learn as One” is a mindset which roots us to fortitude and humility. Now we are all in the same boat sailing a dubious sea. It is the commitment of our University to make everyone “Learn as One” to keep the boat afloat so that we can reach our destination safely.

The said shirts bear the official colors royal blue and golden yellow of PSU which vividly depicts the livelihood sources of all Pangasinense. At the heart of every PSUnian is the passion and dedication to serve the people of Pangasinan especially during this perilous time.